Fees policy


This fees policy is designed to enable all parents/carers to understand Marches Family Network fee structure and to help protect the charity against loss of income, to ensure sustainability. The payment of fees is very important to maintain the high quality of service provided.


Marches Family Network charges fees for

  • Registering
  • Attending sessions or activities

All charges are reviewed annually, and Marches Family Network will provide three months’ written notice of changes.

To Register

To enable a family to access the services provided by Marches Family Network they need to register their child or young person with Marches Family Network.

Part of the registration process requires a fee to be paid. This is a one-off fee which entitles the family to access the services until the child or young person reaches the age of 26.

The registration fee does not guarantee places on sessions or activities and is non-refundable.

To Attend a Session or Activity.

Once the child or young person has attended places at sessions or activities, an invoice will be issued for the fee that is payable.


Invoices are issued the month after the session or activity has been attended.

Payment of the invoice should be received within 14 days of the date of the invoice, or the office should be contacted to explain the reason for non-payment.

If, for any reason, booked places are cancelled or not attended by the child or young, Marches Family Network reserve the right to charge for the place. A charge will not be made if the place is able to be filled by another child or young person.

Unpaid Invoices

It is extremely important to Marches Family Network that we do not place families in a position of financial difficulty, therefore we follow a clear procedure in the unfortunate situation of a parent or carer falling into arrears with their fees.

Procedure for Unpaid Invoices:

If an invoice remains unpaid after 14 days a telephone call will be made to the parent/carer of the child or young person to remind them that there is still an unpaid invoice. The conversation will be confirmed with them in writing (email or letter).

If an invoice remains unpaid after 28 days, a letter from the Manager will be sent to the parent/carer of the child or young person informing them that they will be unable to access Marches Family Network services until payment has been received. The Projects Co-ordinator and Leader will be advised not to offer places until further notice.  

Fee Waiving

Marches Family Network wishes to help families in financial difficulty to access our services.

As such, Marches Family Network have set aside funds that families can apply for, to enable their child or young person to continue to access Marches Family Network’s services. These funds need to be recognised by all as a temporary measure, not a permanent solution. Marches Family Network will work closely with families in crisis, the local authority and health authorities to aid continuation of services funded through alternative sources.

As funds are limited a reduction of 50% of fees payable per child/young person is allowable per financial year.  This is capped at £100 per child/young person per financial year.

It is important to Marches Family Network that the procedures we follow are transparent, fair and non-discriminatory. Therefore, we have developed this policy to outline criteria for referral, the

referral and decision-making process, response time, limitations on support and referral pathways for ongoing support.

Criteria for Referral

  • A sudden family crisis e.g
  • Illness of main carer or sibling
  • Death in the family
  • Relationship break up
  • An emergency in the extended family, requiring the main carer’s attention.
  • A significant family problem e.g.
  • Family relocation; support framework not in place
  • A financial problem/cash flow crisis

Who can Refer?

  • Agencies
  • Families can self-refer

How to Refer?

The referral should outline the financial difficulty being experienced.

All referrals will be treated sensitively and confidentially.

A decision will be made case by case, depending on circumstances. We aim to achieve a decision within 2 working days from the referral being received.


Where the referring agency or family do not agree with the decision of the Manager they will

have the right to appeal. Two Marches Family Network Trustees not involved with the original decision-making process, will administer the appeal within a further 2 working days of receipt of appeal. Their decision will be final.

Ongoing referral pathways

Where practical Marches Family Network’s Family Projects Co-Ordinator will work closely with, and advocate on behalf of, the family to try and achieve sustained ongoing support.