Play and Inclusion Policy


Marches Family Network is committed to encouraging play and inclusion among our children and young people.


This policy is applicable to all members of staff, workers, volunteers and trustees, children and young people and their families.

Our Belief

Marches Family Network believes and supports the following principles:

  • Every child and young person is unique; they learn and develop in different ways and at different rates.
  • Every child and young person needs to play. Play is fundamental to the healthy development and well-being of individuals.
  • Children and young people learn and develop well in enabling environments, where their individual needs are met and there is a strong partnership between children, their workers and families of the children and young people.
  • Children and young people learn to be independent through positive relationships and role models.
  • Inclusion has a clear purpose: equality of opportunity for all children and young people

Our Support

Marches Family Network will support the process of inclusion in the following ways:

  • We will strive to provide equality of access to play, leisure and social opportunities.
  • We will take a proactive approach to identifying and removing barriers to access.
  • We will actively encourage the participation of children, young people and their families in decision-making.
  • We will work from a strengths-based approach, building on the children and young people‚Äôs strengths and interests.
  • We will provide opportunities for success, helping to build self-esteem, confidence and independence.
  • We will empower children, young people and families by providing them with accessible information and support and by providing choice.