Henry’s story

I honestly couldn’t have coped without MFN over the past 22 years of my son’s life.  They have offered me advice, introduced me to support, encouraged networking with fellow parents and given respite when times were difficult.

Henry sitting outdoors

My son has always enjoyed his activities with MFN.  They are structured, well-planned and suitable for his needs.  This was particularly important when his needs were greater, as a younger child.  I have always felt secure in the knowledge that my son was being looked after, having fun, learning new skills, and safe.  Even his ‘mainstream’ sister was able to attend fun sessions too, which really gave me a rest and time to catch up on chores.

I am sad that in a few years, he will be too old for MFN.  That will be the end of an era and one I will never forget.  I will always support the work of MFN, raising and donating money throughout my years to come.  I want to help ensure that everyone in my position is able to access MFN and the wonderful work it does